Serious problem with Internet Explorer - HELP!

Every time I leave Internet Explorer open for a few hours, I come back to an extremely sluggish PC and about a million iexplore.exe processes running.

Occasionally I'll open IE9 to test a website. Sometimes even after I close the browser (but forget to kill the process), it will start spawning its own additional processes, but not browser windows. And no, it's not malware or spyware, thank you very much.

Anybody know what's up with this? It's getting super annoying, and I know I can't be the only one with this problem. I'm running IE9, but this happened with IE8, as well.
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Before I even looked at the image I started laughing at the title.. IE is just horrible. KERNEL 32 ATTACK - BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!
Why aren't you using a Mac?
Cam - we're not in 1998 anymore. PCs are actually pretty good these days. Just not Microsoft software other than Win 7.
Andres - Macs are too sluggish for my workflow. I'm a lot faster on a PC.
Stop using IE!
I agree-- IE has ALWAYS had some issue. Now it's spawning child processes on its own in your case. I use a mac, AND use win7. I like em both. But I've always HATED Internet Explorer. Hate hate hate hate HATE.
I think there is an option somewhere in IE where links are opened in new processes. Disabling that should take take care of this.
meh, I usually prefer to just test sites in IEtab
IE gives your computer AIDs.