Okay, Rackspace Cloud reps are strange (customer service fail)

About 45 minutes ago, I signed up for a Rackspace Cloud account. They activate accounts manually, and their confirmation screen said they'd call within 15 minutes. Otherwise, if I needed access sooner, I could call and they'd get me set up right away.

Alright, no biggie, I figured. I can wait 15 minutes. So after about 45 minutes and still no call, I decided to call and get everything settled so I can pass off login credentials to my developer before I go to bed.

I end up speaking with a nice guy and explained him my plight. He said they were backed up. No biggie.

But here's the kicker...

Rather than activating my account while he had me on the phone, HERE'S WHAT HE SAYS:

"Alright, you're next in line [in the activation queue] so [someone will call you in] 7-10 minutes."

"Oh, okay, so just hang up and wait for a call?"



Am I crazy to think maybe he could have just helped me out while he had me on the phone?

It's just kinda funny.

Oh, and now it's been an hour, and they still haven't called. =]
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so i looked at getting a dedicated cloud server from rackspace. But after 1 full business day waiting for my 15 minute call, i bailed and went with Liquid Web / Storm on demand cloud server. Was up and running in 10 minutes. And I love LW support. fast, and they do anything i tell them to. its nice.
It's so easy to make it simple that I never understood why they focus on making it hard.
It's likely a security thing, so they can verify that you are at least at the number you provided. Otherwise, I could create the account online as anyone, then call in and provide any home number, and say I am so-and-so, please active my account. They possibly even cross-reference the phone number.