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but it's kind of blasphemous to put windows on it (except if it's parallels of course) :-)

congrats though :-)

I don't know if i would trust that extra stand esp. in cali with all the quakes :P oh well looks nice I'm looking buy a macbook pro in the future; It's funny because I've been in IT for years and I have never owned a laptop.
for sure for sure. ive had my 20 " aluminum imac for a year now and love it!!! nothing better than mac. especially now that the gaming industry is beginning to accept us mac users.
indeed a nice one
Hello. Quick question, how did you add Google Adsense to your posterous?
custom theme? thats about the only way i can think but I'm not positive. I know you can easily add Google Analytics under site management
The best of both worlds :)
it's Real PC :D
A real nice computer running a terrible OS.
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