AT&T Microcell FAIL

If you're not familiar with the AT&T Microcell, it's basically a $150 mini cell phone tower in your home (proclaimed to work in homes up to 5000 sq ft) that plugs into a home internet connection and is meant to provide better service where AT&T's service falls short. Unfortunately, the Microcell seems to be falling short as well.

I purchased my Microcell yesterday when I picked up my new iPhone, since I decided it'd be nice to have the ability to make phone calls from my house. As it turns out, I got dropped while standing 20 feet from the device.

And then today, I had no service just 10 feet from the device.

I thought the Microcell was supposed to be the savior for places where AT&T service didn't work well. Now that I know the Microcell doesn't even work, I'm really not sure what the next step is...

Update: I fixed it.

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was at a friend's house last night with a microcell. dropped from 10 feet away

got one at the office today. doesn't seem to be helping.

You were probably holding the microcell wrong, stupid user! :)
Been there, done that.

Same here. I can be standing next to it with no service. It appears it just likes to work every now and then.
I still dont understand how people buy something AT&T should give as part of the service, a usable network. Can someone please explain it to me?
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