As sophisticated as computer mice get, no mouse will ever get better than this

Several things about this mouse make it the greatest mouse ever made.

  1. The contour to the hand
  2. Traction (you might say traction is all software-based - not true)
  3. 4-way scroll wheel
  4. A single programmable side button

Many companies overdo it on features and design. This mouse happens to be the perfect balance of everything.

I've used it for the past several years and it's the best mouse I've ever used. So I just picked up two more, just in case they ever stop making them.

2 responses
I don't think I could ever revert to a mouse without full ergonomics for one hand. These ambidextrous mice are just painful to use now. Other important features are a free scroll wheel (Logitech Hyperfast scrolling) and a laser sensor. I tend to use my mice on a variety of surfaces and optical mice fail frequently.
I defenitly agree with your post. I use a microsoft bluethoot mouse ( with my macbook and I love it. I love the design and contour and its programmable side button - it works just fine!